In alignment with Nike Grind’s vision for a circular future where the concept of waste no longer exists, Hero Flooring announces the launch of Hero Rubber made with Nike Grind.

Hero Flooring’s high-performance rubber flooring program introduces twelve new colorways manufactured with zero crumb rubber. In each of the twelve new colorways, 30% of the product by weight is Nike Grind material.

“In each square foot of Hero Rubber with Nike Grind, we are proud to utilize materials from recycled athletic footwear. For Hero Flooring, this is exciting as it relates to environmental stewardship and environmental impact perspective… equally important to us is the fact that Nike is a leader when it comes to sustainability, inclusion & celebrating diversity.” ~ Reade Palmer – Partner & Founder Hero Flooring

The initial launch of 12 Hero Rubber with Nike Grind styles will each be available in Roll Goods (48” wide), Tile (24” x 24”), and Interlocking Tile (24” x 24”) formats. Hero Flooring offers each of the formats in any specified thickness from 4mm to 12mm thickness.

Hero Rubber is manufactured in the USA and includes more than 80 colorways within the entire program.

Hero Rubber can be specified in the following formats

Roll Goods

(48″ wide) – Thickness range from 3.2mm to 16mm thickness

Straight Edge Tile

(24″ X 24″) – Thickness range from 4mm to 12mm thickness

Interlocking TIle

(24″ X 24″) – Thickness range from 4mm to 12mm thickness