In alignment with Nike Grind’s vision for a circular future where the concept of waste no longer exists. Hero Flooring delivers thirteen high-performance rubber flooring colorways manufactured with zero crumb rubber.

“In each square foot of Hero Rubber with Nike Grind, 30% comes from post-consumer recycled athletic footwear. For Hero Flooring, this is exciting as it relates to environmental stewardship and environmental impact perspective… equally important to us is the fact that Nike is a leader when it comes to sustainability, inclusion & celebrating diversity.” ~

Reade Palmer – Founder of Hero Flooring

Hero Rubber made with Nike Grind

All thirteen Hero Rubber with Nike Grind styles will each be available in Roll Goods (48” wide), Tile (24” x 24”), and Interlocking Tile (24” x 24”) formats.

Hero Flooring offers each of the formats in any specified thickness from 4mm to 12mm thickness.

Hero Rubber can be specified in the following formats

Roll Goods

(48″ wide) – Thickness range from 3.2mm to 16mm thickness

Straight Edge Tile

(24″ X 24″) – Thickness range from 4mm to 12mm thickness

Interlocking TIle

(24″ X 24″) – Thickness range from 4mm to 12mm thickness